Little, late and bad The unacceptable helplessness of the elderly in residences during COVID-19 in Spain


The situation experienced in nursing homes during the COVID-19 epidemic in Spain should never happen again. Lessons learned and lives lost should bring about profound change. The risk that older people living in residences will be affected again has not subsided; we must be prepared to reduce suffering and limit mortality as much as possible

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80 Romanian Health Care Workers Arrive in Austria to Assist Elderly


Eighty health care workers from Romania arrived in Vienna, Austria, Monday on a chartered train.
The workers, mostly female, have been hired to care for elderly people who require around the clock attention.
Austrian EU minister Karoline Edstadler said the negotiations to bring the workers to Austria were not easy and the logistics were time-consuming but the result would be positive.


Venice gondolas being used to deliver food to elderly Italians amid lockdown


Volunteers in the Italian city of Venice are finding a unique way to get supplies to those who need it as the country still reels from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


Save our seniors' – Italian youth organize campaign to honor elderly in isolation


Italian students have organized a campaign to uplift and honor the elderly, who have suffered heavy losses in Italy’s coronavirus outbreak.
Offering calls and video messages for elderly residents in isolation and a social media campaign to spread appreciation for seniors in their communities, the Catholic “Youth for Peace” movement is seeking to increase solidarity across generations.


Virus lockdown means Italy’s old are isolated from relatives


Natalina De Santis’ three adult children come to her front door, bringing food to keep her healthy and books to relieve her boredom, but she doesn’t let them in any more.


For some elderly Italians, loneliness brings more fear than virus


More than 56 percent of coronavirus deaths have been people over 80, but for some, the sense of abandonment hurts most.


Acompanya amb dignitat durant el confinament



Bulgarian Politicians Congratulate Healthcare Workers on World Health Day


Sofia, April 7 (BTA) - Health Minister Kiril Ananiev congratulated here on Tuesday physicians, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals on the occasion of World Health Day. "Today you're writing some of the most difficult but also most edifying pages in the history of Bulgarian healthcare," Ananiev said, expressin...


Coronavirus in Romania: The city with most Covid-19 cases in Romania placed under lockdown


The northeastern Romania city of Suceava, the biggest Covid-19 hotspot in the country, was placed under lockdown as 593 Covid-19 infection cases have been reported in the locality, interior affairs minister Marcel Vela announced on Monday evening, March 30.


Inventive Bulgarians Brainstorm Ideas to Ease Corona Crisis


A hackathon has produced a host of imaginative plans to tackle the damage that the pandemic is doing to Bulgaria’s health system and economy – though some seem more practical than others.


Coronavirus: Rome taxis make free home deliveries to the elderly


Rome's elderly residents will soon be able to avail of a new service which will see Roman taxi drivers make home deliveries of food and medicine, free of charge.
The "Taxi Amico" scheme, which takes effect from 23 March, has been hailed by Rome's mayor Viriginia Raggi as an "incredible gesture of solidarity".


Sant'Egidio is helping seniors during the coronavirus outbreak in Italy


The Community of Sant'Egidio is helping seniors during the coronavirus outbreak in Italy.
The volunteers of Sant'Egidio programme "Viva gli anziani!" (Long live the elderly) are supporting some 3,000 elderly people across Rome by telephone calls and by delivering food for free.


Italy – Responding to COVID-19 emergency with solidarity and creativity


The spread of COVID-19, which has been gripping Italy in recent weeks, has required exceptional prevention measures that are upsetting the normal habits and social life of citizens.
With Don Bosco's own concreteness, the Salesians and young people permeated by his charism are, however, responding to these challenges with two weapons: solidarity and creativity.


Analysis: The number of people aged 65 and over in Romanian cities has increased by 51 pct in the last 20 years


The Romanian population is getting older and it’s moving from rural to urban areas. An analysis by EY Romania shows that over the past five years, the share of young segment (under 15) in the total population has decreased gradually to reach 14.8 percent in 2018. On the other hand, the number of Romanians aged over 65 has exceeded the number of those under 15 starting in 2014.


Occupational therapy through intervention, responsability and social interaction programmes for older people


Occupational therapy through social intervention accountability and intervention programs for older persons from Romania represents the continuation and development of the mission which National Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology “Ana Aslan” has with regards to social gerontology.

You can read the full article here: occupational-therapy-through-intervention-responsability-and-social-interaction-programmes-for-older-people.pdf

RO Govt. does not rule out raising “voluntary” retirement age to 70 years


Romania’s Government does not exclude introducing the possibility for employees to continue working until the age of 70 if they wish to do so, deputy prime minister Raluca Turcan said in a press conference on January 8.


The life space mobility assessment and the social frailty


Lately, WHO approaches the study of frailty from a functional perspective. When the functional reserve moderately decreases, behavioral adaptive changes can appear to restore the balance. Such a change is the life space mobility (LSM) constriction, considered a frailty marker.

You can read the full article here: the-life-space-mobility-assessment-and-the-social-frailty.pdf

Professional reconversion and reintegration of the elderly


In the near future, the dynamics of old age will look completely different than it does now. According to recent research, the idea of retirement will disappear. The pace of work of a person aged 65 plus will slow down, they will work less, they will change their work profile, explore new areas, but most important, they will be involved in income-generating activities.

You can read the full article here: professional-reconversion-and-reintegration-of-the-elderly.pdf

THE XI-th NATIONAL CONGRESS OF GERIATRICS AND GERONTOLOGY with International Participation ʺIntrinsic Capacity of Older Adult and Active Longevityʺ


The National Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology in Romania had as its central theme this year the intrinsic capacity of the elderly and active ageing. The Congress took place over 4 days, had 11 plenary sessions, 5 sessions of parallel scientific communications. Also, during the congress on October 17, 2019, the 5th edition of the National Symposium on Gerontopsychology was held.


Social work review: a source of sharing good practices


Social Work Review is aiming to be a meeting place for ideas, a mean of dissemination of researches, good practices, experiences in the field of social work, but also of policies serving as a social change agent.


International Conference 23-24 September 2020 Rome: Geriatrics, Gerontology Elderly Care


10th International Conference on Geriatrics, Gerontology and Elderly Care September 23-24, 2020 Rome , Italy.
Theme: Explore and reveal the systematic developments in Geriatrics, Gerontology and Elderly Care


Informal care in the long-term care of the elderly - the development of support services and funding schemes


The results of the project "Informal care in the long-term care of the elderly - the development of support services and funding schemes" within the sectoral R&D plan of the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice for the period 2018-2020


The exhibition "To live that is 100 years" of the FGCSIC analyzes the keys to healthy aging


USC brings this exhibition to Galicia. It is structured into five thematic areas and offers a scientific view of longevity and healthy aging.


Tecnologia al servei de l’atenció at the 5th ACP Conference


300 professionals fill the Cosmocaixa auditorium in a new edition marked by the exchange of knowledge, reflection and debate about the needs and preferences of the elderly


Nursing and elderly home beds per 100 000


300 professionals fill the Cosmocaixa auditorium in a new edition marked by the exchange of knowledge, reflection and debate about the needs and preferences of the elderly


National Council for People with Disabilities approved a Draft Ordinance for inclusion in the personal assistance mechanism



The work restrictions for Bulgarians in Switzerland are lifted as of 1 June



Social old-age pension will be BGN 132.74 as of July 1st