Asociatia Global Help

Global Help Association is a NGO located in Romania, South-West region, with over 18 years of experience in social field, being a CVT (continuous vocational training) authorized provider in conformity with EO 129/2000 - national legislation. It was involved in large, medium and long term projects, addressing topics such as adult vocational training, children education, events for cultural diversity, occupations for unemployed, equity for women, the promotion of social actions of solidarity, mutual direct support for immigrants and combating discrimination of any kind. GLOBAL HELP ASSOCIATION holds a national accreditation as a provider of social services and it delivered such services free of charge to thousands of beneficiaries, such as Roma teenagers at risk, the elderly, women victims of trafficking, immigrants etc.

Associació Departament d'Estudis dels Medis Actuals

DEMÀ (DEPARTAMENT D'ESTUDIS DELS MEDIS ACTUALS) is a non-profit Association, founded in October 1998, that intends to work in several areas in adult education, particularly in the field of labour and social integration, training for trainers; development of active citizenship, active ageing, pedagogical and methodological research, etc.They are part of DEMÀ professional of diverse areas, such as educational consultants, psychologist, experts in design and programming of courses, sociologists, experts in new technologies of the communication, etc.

DEMÀ's action fields:

  • Actions for social inclusion: We try to work with young-adults as with elderly people. We understand that there are socially vulnerable sectors in both patterns.
  • Research on adult education: To improve and to exchange new pedagogic experiences in this area.
  • Training for Trainers on adult education: To introduce educational activities centered in the learners.
  • Research on social issues: To improve the knowledge of the reality can facilitate the social inclusion and the active citizenship.
  • For these activities, DEMÀ are experience in different European programs in the Life Long Learning area (Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Youth in Action, Erasmus +, etc.).

Euroform RFS

Euroform RFS organizes training courses for more than 10 years and releases qualifications recognizable under the regional law. Since 1997 Euroform RFS has been organizing transnational mobilities under the framework of different programmes. Being an intermediate/receiving organization of mobility projects, Euroform RFS has developed qualitative services offering the e-learning activities on pre-departure orientation and Italian language course, as well as ECVET and own tools in evaluating the learning outcomes achieved during mobility. It also has been partner in numerous EU co-funded projects of Partnership (Leonardo da Vinci or Grundtvig) and Transfer of Innovation. Participating in the projects' activities based on VET education improvement and development helped to Euroform's staff to gather significant experience in daily project management and administration activities as well as cross-cultural analyses, testing products, evaluation, dissemination and exploitation. Euroform RFS has successfully worked for more than 15 years in different EU co-funded projects in order to build and develop innovative training and during those years we have constituted experienced team which includes project managers, researchers, trainers, VET experts, IT and e-learning specialists.

Caminul pentru Persoane Varstnice Craiova

Caminul pentru Persoane Varstnice Craiova - CPVC - (The House for Elders from Craiova) is a public institution of social assistance for the elderly, working under the authority of City Council of Craiova.
CPVC has the role of ensuring at the local level the application of policies and strategies of social assistance of the elderly by maintaining, restoring and developing the individual capacities to overcome a situation of need, if the person or his family is unable to solve it alone.
The beneficiaries of the services provided in Camin are the elderly who, due to economic, physical, mental or social reasons, are unable to meet their social needs, to maintain themselves or by their family.

CPV has a capacity of 320 places divided into three sections: the independent persons section, the semi-dependent persons section and the dependent persons section.
Through a highly qualified and demanding staff, in a family environment, the House for Older People Craiova provide a broad range of services that can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the beneficiaries: proper lodging, meal services and assistance with daily living activities, medical care and rehabilitation services, psychological, legal and social assistance, socializing and recreational activities (watching shows, trips, contests, games).

Home Hope Ltd.

Nursing Home "Nadejda" (in English-Rest Home "Hope") established in 2011 in Sofia is specialized in providing of social services and care for elderly. The nursing homes (currently 2 ones) with 50 places function as day care centers or hospices for elderly, people with dementia or severe condition, providing 24-hours qualified care and rehabilitation services in comfortable environment.
The guiding principles of Nursing home "Hope" are creating comfortable environment closely resembling the homelike feeling; providing quality social and health services; respect and tolerance towards elderly people, having strongly in mind that everyone deserves to live happily and dignified.
The aim of the organization is to set up more centers throughout the country, thus to reach and respond to a wider range of people in difficulty by providing daily care, active medical treatment, proper communication and social interaction for elderly, retirees, severely ill, underwent surgery people, people with dementia, long obsolete.
To help implementation of the goals home "Hope" envisages conducting of relevant researches; training; social &health projects locally and internationally; creation of information tech projects. We have full time employees with complementary specializations.
Home Hope Ltd is a participant and partner in two international projects in the field of social activities related to the elderly in partnership with Spain, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, United Kingdom.